Majjistral Sustainable Development Strategy


The Leader initiative is aimed at improving the development potential of rural areas and focuses on bringing together the different public and private local actors. Through the creation of a Local Action Group (LAG), a public/private partnership composed by representatives of the Local Administration and the private sector, the project LEADER is implemented in European rural areas.


The Majjistral Local Action Group is responsible for coordinating the design of a Local Development Strategy for the territory of Majjistral. The strategy aims to address the main weaknesses of the areas and will propose innovative actions to improve the quality of life as well as the economic opportunities in the territory. The Majjistral Local Action Group will develop the Strategy with the active involvement of local residents and socio-economic operators, thanks to the consultation process.  


To contribute to the creation of effective actions to address the needs of the region, please fill in the questionnaire be clicking here.